Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

Not much photographic technique to report here or insights – the primary challenges were:

1) Getting close enough to the bars of the cages to defocus them, but
2) Not getting so close that the tiger can stick their paw through and steal your lens (and/or flesh!) from you.

They are such gorgeous creatures though, aren’t they?



3 thoughts on “Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright”

  1. Hah, one of them almost went after it, too – on the way out I wanted to get one last shot of the guy in IMG_6455. So I brought the camera up to my face and started to approach the cage that he was hanging out in the back of.

    He hissed at me and started to gather his legs underneath him.

    Needless to say, I took a rather quick step back. My father then cheerfully informed me that it was getting ready to pounce at the bars. :)

  2. You should’ve gotten a shot of the tiger jumping at you. (Always assuming the bars will take their weight!) :)

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