Summer School

I just registered for a summer course at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, which is where I’m currently taking foundation B&W. This one is “Experiments in Silver”:

This course combines methods related to the chemical and optical processes used in camera-less, traditional and alternative photographic production. At a time when digital imaging is prevalent, this course is designed to give you the chance to experiment with traditional, silver based and alternative, light-sensitive media. You can explore work with cyanotype and silver-salt based emulsions, while experimenting with photography’s physical properties in relationship to a variety of surfaces, textures and ideas. Lecture presentations and lab techniques cover topics in conjunction with hands-on practice.

Yup, I’m a total photography geek. I’m contemplating experimenting with medium format film as well, the contenders I’ve narrowed it down to are either Hasselblad V or Pentax 67. Any thoughts on either?

I picked up an old Rollei TLR to experiment with medium format – significantly less expensive than a ‘blad or Pentax system to start out with!