2 thoughts on “Amazing Things”

  1. i like how my mildly creepy grin followed by val’s are kind of visually the same bemused tone. come to think of it this is a beautifully ordered bunch of teaser photos you put on the front-page– like a well organized side of an LP or short collection of poems. yeah, i went there mister trumpet past & future (pocket or otherwise, not dirty, merely literal) …this is why comments shldn’t be my first internet transmission of the day.

    happy solstice photog-rapheur-dear friend of our no good degenerate band(s of mischief)
    xo your All lower-case jojo (a la cummings/bell hooks, but not rly because)

    1. jojo, I think this is the best comment I’ve ever gotten on my wee little blog. :)

      and yes! I usually do try to pick the blog entry photos with some care

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