I haven’t given up on getting good photos out of the T. Can you spot the self-portrait hiding in there?


And for lack of a better place to put them post them, a couple of shots on the way to/in the North End:


On an equipment related note I picked up the battery grip for my camera a little while ago – while it makes it a lot more bulky it fits my hands and handles much more nicely. It also makes my camera bag quite cramped, I might need a bigger one soon (any suggestions are welcome). I’ll also be renting the 90mm T/S-E lens this week, so expect to see some experimentation from that in the near future!

2 thoughts on “Determined”

  1. Fairly obvious how it was hidden, but I was trying to avoid having to load the OMGHUGE version of your photo to find it…
    Also, that hardly counts, the only bit of you i can see is your left hand

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