SteamShipKillers CD Release Party

Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys released a new CD, SteamShipKillers (BandCamp link) Friday night. Jaggery, who had just recently released a Double-Single, opened. Two of my favorite Boston-based bands in one place? Bliss.





There’s more in the full gallery, including one with a mostly naked girl. Bet that got your attention, eh?

I keep shooting these guys because they and their live shows are Made of Utter Awesome; they’re on a mini-tour in the northeastern US as I type. Dates are on the front page of their website!

4 thoughts on “SteamShipKillers CD Release Party”

  1. It was such an awesome show.

    Next time you see me out you should say hello. I’m usually the one who has their camera mounted to a lens that most closely resembles a cannonball (and/or slinging an old film camera too, as of late).

  2. FREAKIN awesome pics!!! SO SO SO amazing! BTWN you and Justin you guys make us look AMAZING

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