Planned Parenthood Rally

I have never touched on anything political in this blog before, however I believe that this was an important thing to cover. This afternoon on the Boston Common, there was a “Defend, Don’t Defund” rally in support of Planned Parenthood.

There were some counter-demonstrators there, however they were dwarfed by the crowd supporting Planned Parenthood:

Some of them got right up front of the crowd and shouted at the speakers. I’ve got a lot of respect for the demonstrators as they blocked them but otherwise didn’t try to engage them (to the counter-protester’s credit, some of them seemed to be taking part in civilized discussion afterwards. I wasn’t close enough to hear those conversations, but a few members of both sides seemed to be talking calmly after the rally)

There’s a few more photos in the gallery. If you’d like to use any of these images in support of planned parenthood, I’m willing to provide them to you under a CreativeCommons-Attribution license, please contact me. I’ll close with these last two: