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July 4th, Somerville Edition

Somerville had its fireworks display just yesterday – it was originally scheduled for the 2nd but got rained out. Not quite the same number of people as Boston’s – and I wound up watching it from a friend’s balcony anyways, after wandering through the crowds a little bit – but anything that goes kaboom like that is fun in my book.


July 4th, Boston Edition

As it turns out, July 4th in Boston is a somewhat popular event! I wandered through the Cambridge side of the Charles for them and the crowds might have been more impressive than the fireworks show itself. This was the scene on the way back:

Since I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going I elected to leave the tripod at home. On one hand this was a good idea — I ended up walking about 6 miles last night — but I wasn’t entirely happy with the pictures I was getting handheld. So I put the camera into movie mode, parked the camera on my shoulder, and enjoyed the show through my eyes.

So while I don’t have a bajillion photos to sort, now I have to figure out what to do with a few gigs of video. Have a screen cap:

Somerville is having its own fireworks show on the 9th (originally planned for the 2nd but rained out) and I’m planning on being there, this time with a tripod!